Our Story

We met in grad school because, lets face it, PhD students don't have much of a life. Within a month, Matt hurt his knee playing football just so he could have an excuse to rehab it by running with Meghan. Just kidding... that's a bit of an exaggeration... but he did really tear his ACL, and the physical therapist did say to run (because they didn't know it was torn), and he did use this as an excuse to get to know Meghan. One day, after we ran for longer than we ever had before, the following conversation took place:

Matt: "I like running."
Meghan: "I like running too."
Matt: "What I meant to say was, I like running with you."
Meghan: "Oh."

Now if that doesn't spell romance, we don't know what does! Our first official date was to our friends' Halloween party, an epic event hosted by Richard and Deandra that occurs annually to celebrate the most awesome holiday ever. We've come up with some pretty creative costumes over the years.


We'll skip over most of the next couple years because nothing really exciting happened. Then, on May 25, 2012, after dinner at our favorite pizza place, Matt got sick of listening to Meghan ramble on for 2+ hours about ways of testing compression socks, the discrepancies between them, and how she was going to improve upon them. So, to put an end to that conversation, Matt asked Meghan to marry him,
and now we're getting married!